Terms & Conditions

1. The payment should be non-refundable.

2. 50% of the total cost should be paid to SRKP TECHNOLOGIES during handover of the project.

3. The remaining amount should be paid immediately after completion of the final website.

4. SRKP TECHNOLOGIES will notify the organization 2 days before of the server expiry date.

5. The organization should pay the yearly renewal charges between those two days if not paid the server may be expiring or host could be unreachable.

6. Website domain controls and the final design can be transferred to the organization after completion of the total website and full payment, either SRKP TECHNOLOGIES will not be able to transfer any login credentials, design, database & CMS of the website.

7. SRKP TECHNOLOGIES will only be responsible for maintenance & update only if further changes in website required it will cost differently over the development cost & yearly charges.

8. any agreement made between the both parties is valid for one year only, till then the organization is bound to be in a lock in period with SRKP TECHNOLOGIES. After completion of one year the organization may or may not to be continue with our services