About us

SRKP Technologies is all you need for your venture from impeccable code, user friendly design to effective marketing and product consultancy and our business activities in the fields of Automation, Software Development and Graphics Design, have made us a global market & technology partner. We are a collective of doers, engineers, dreamers and creatives who know how to take anythings from zero to one. Technological excellence, innovation, quality, reliability from 2017.

our story

For making more employment in technical industry we SRKP Technologies has made some software and automation systems built on PLC, PIC and AC Motor Drive controller for industries, which is a platform for making creativity & innovation by the people with a background in Computer Science, Electronics & Electrical Enginnering.  PLC engineers may work in the manufacturing, agricultural, robotics industry & Security Products Industries, among others new uses for the automatic machine controllers and existing systems, or repairing & maintaining industrial machineries.

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